Treatment Series Brochures – Cellular Anti-Aging

3 x 7  Tri-Fold Brochure

Pack of 25

Cellular Anti-Aging


Aging is divided into two types:  Intrinsic and Extrinsic.

Most skin over 30 will typically exhibit signs of both.

Intrinsic or Chronological  Aging:  Normal aging with the passage of time.

  • Decreased Sebum Production
  • Loss of Elasticity
  • Thinning of the Skin (Dermis)
  • Fine Lines


Extrinsic or Environmental Aging:  Premature and controllable aging due to excessive UV radiation.

  • Irregular Pigmentation
  • Capillary Distention
  • Rough/Uneven Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of Elasticity

Retain Clients-  Sell an ONLY YOURx  Treatment Series

3 x 7  Tri-Fold Brochure

Pack of 25

One of the greatest challenges for a skin care salon is getting clients to re-book appointments on a regular basis.  During your initial consultation, or during any skin analysis thereafter, you can overcome this challenge by presenting your client with a ‘game plan’ that is geared specifically for their skin. Selling a Treatment Series is a clear plan of action that, if presented correctly, will give you a much greater opportunity for success at re-booking your clients.

ONLY YOURx has five different Treatment Series Programs,  each one targeting specific skin conditions:

  • Tissue Desensitizing
  • Problem Skin Healing
  • Tissue Re-Balancing
  • Problem Skin Cleansing
  • Cellular Anti-Aging

To determine which Treatment Program is appropriate for your client, you will need to conduct a DermaPrint™ Skin Analysis.

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