Treatment Series Brochures – Problem Skin Healing

3 x 7  Tri-Fold Brochure

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Problem Skin Healing

When sebum and corneocytes begin to mass in the follicle and does not move to the surface naturally, we consider the follicle to be congested.  Typically this is an acne situation, but milia can also congest the follicles and is not considered an acne lesion.

Follicular congestion is broken down into two types: Inflamed and Non-inflamed.

Although our goal for both types is ultimately the same, deep follicle cleansing, a moderate to severe case of inflammation would prejudice our treatments towards tissue healing first, then tissue cleansing.

State of Skin Condition Group:-  Follicular Congestion —  Inflamed


Will have one of each of the following conditions:
  • Large Papules
  • Large Pustules
  • Open Comedones
  • Closed Comedones
May also have both or either of the following:
  • Nodules
  • Cysts


Retain Clients-  Sell an ONLY YOURx  Treatment Series

3 x 7  Tri-Fold Brochure

Pack of 25

One of the greatest challenges for a skin care salon is getting clients to re-book appointments on a regular basis.  During your initial consultation, or during any skin analysis thereafter, you can overcome this challenge by presenting your client with a ‘game plan’ that is geared specifically for their skin. Selling a Treatment Series is a clear plan of action that, if presented correctly, will give you a much greater opportunity for success at re-booking your clients.

ONLY YOURx has five different Treatment Series Programs,  each one targeting specific skin conditions:

  • Tissue Desensitizing
  • Problem Skin Healing
  • Tissue Re-Balancing
  • Problem Skin Cleansing
  • Cellular Anti-Aging

To determine which Treatment Program is appropriate for your client, you will need to conduct a DermaPrint™ Skin Analysis.

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