Sheet Mask – Allantoin/Panthenol

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BioMatrix Sheet Mask
Freeze-dried with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, these ‘second skin’ masks are exceptionally hydrating, healing and plump fine lines. Greatly reduces redness and irritation.

Allantoin-Panthenol –  For inflammation, irritation, sensitive skin. Healing, soothing, hydrating, stimulates tissue repair.   Improves the skin’s suppleness and smoothness.

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Optimizes hydration

Reduces irritation

Softens lines

Suitable for all skin types

  Still in their native state, insoluble collagen fibers are transformed through lyophilisation into non-aqueous structures and in this way are refined to form a microporous, sponge-like BioMatrix.  The natural final product possesses a high degree of microbiological, physical and chemical stability.  A special method of preparation makes it possible to add even sensitive active cosmetic ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, to the collagen-BioMatrix before freeze-drying, thus the BioMatrix and the active ingredients last longer even without the addition of a preservative.

The product’s own active mechanisms in this “second skin” are activated and incorporated active ingredients that are released only through the addition of water, for absorption by the skin.

The collagen BioMatrix optimizes the skin’s hydration, reduces irritation and soothes itching.  It improves the skin’s receptiveness for additional, problem-specific combination of active ingredients and makes them more effective through occlusion.

The skin’s ability to absorb additives applied directly to the skin prior to the application of a BioMatrix mask is enhanced and the additive’s effectiveness is increased.

The active ingredients within the BioMatrix itself (Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin-Panthenol, Aloe Vera and Gingko Biloba) are released and activated as soon as the mask is dampened.

 Skin Hydration - long-term effect

When the BioMatrix was applied once a day over a period of two weeks, there was an increase in skin moisture of almost 75%.  This value remained almost constant throughout the course of the study.  Clinical graded dryness improved dramatically after a single treatment and continued to improve over the two-week course.   Clinical grading of superficial lines showed that by two weeks of use, the BioMatrix had reduced visible lines and wrinkles by almost 40%.

 Anti-Irritation Effect

Results were impressive after BioMatrix was applied to mechanically and chemically caused irritation.  After application of BioMatrix, both with and without active ingredients, an exceptional effectiveness in the treatment of this type of skin irritation was recorded.

 Release of Active Ingredients

Studies of the release using a BioMatrix with incorporated urea showed a much greater availability of the active ingredient contained in the BioMatrix, compared with other bases, e.g. Water-in-Oil, Oil-in-Water emulsions.

No Fragrance, No Preservatives

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