No. 11 – Crucial Capillary Support

4 oz/120 ml


Minimizes capillaries by reducing tiny openings in capillary walls that leads to increased capillary permeability and edema
Strengthens capillary walls that increase contraction to push the ‘pooling blood’ through the capillary, minimizing them
Stimulates microcirculation within the skin that irrigates and restores the network of capillaries
Also suppresses the pathway that leads to inflammation and allergic reactions
Inhibits hyaluronidase, the enzyme that breaks down Hyaluronic acid
Vaso-constrictive, tightens and reduces capillary distention
Free radical scavenging ability will block elastase and its degenerative action on the capillaries
Soothes inflammation produced by blotchiness


Hesperidin, Rutin, Horsechestnut, Ivy, Peppermint, Orange Peel

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The skin is a complex system whose health depends on numerous complementary mechanisms.  In order to obtain an optimal result for a specific cosmetic application, it is necessary to act on several biological mechanisms and at different levels of the skin in order to develop a synergy of activities.

In that spirit, the ACCELERATORS were formulated to address 12 categories of skin conditions.  Each of these complexes contain a blend of high concentrations of active ingredients that include precious plant extracts, flowers, herbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins and cutting-edge ingredients selected according to the synergetic actions their active principles have at different levels of the skin.

12 Different Tissue Targeted Complexes
Each contain a cocktail of the latest and greatest technological ingredients available
Each addresses the specific skin condition ‘need’ – to correct and/or control
All ingredients were chosen for SUPERIOR efficacy proven in clinical .
Quick, Easy and Logical to use – for those who like the idea of a system of custom blending
Pure, concentrated, laboratory strength for maximum results
Boosts products “active ingredients” from 10% up to 50%
Also used in ONLY YOURx Corrective Facial Treatments for optimal results
Offers the client the most pampering service – “Customized Skin Care”

The Accelerators are grouped based on the skin conditions followed by the name of the Accelerator:

Skin Condition Accelerator Name
1          Sensitized Ultra Soothing Relief
2          Compromised Barrier Rapid Tissue Repair
3          Dehydration Instant Moisture Infusion
4          Excessive Dryness Vital Lipid Repair
5          Acne Lesions Acne Clearing Agent
6          Follicular Congestion Deep Pore Purifier
7          Tissue Congestion Decongesting Tissue Activator
8          Uneven Texture Smooth Skin Refiner
9          Maturing Skin Firming Antiwrinkle Active
10        Irregular Pigmentation Pigment Fading Activator
11        Capillary Distention Crucial Capillary Support
12        Asphyxiated Cellular Oxygen Renewal


Customizing the base products with the Accelerators specific to your client's conditions is what makes ONLY YOURx the most versatile and effective product line available today

HOMECARE:  When custom blending with ONLY YOURx Accelerators, each product’s “active ingredients” is boosted anywhere from 10% up to 50%, making each product the most effective skincare available on the market today.  The majority of skincare products on the market, both professional and mass-marketed, contain only 3% to 7% “active ingredients.”

It is important to realize that all of the Accelerators have been developed to blend easily into each ONLY YOURx base product.  This gives the esthetician much more flexibility when working with individual skin conditions. Only pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients are used.

TREATMENTS:  The Accelerators are used in every ONLY YOURx corrective treatment.  For each treatment, specific Accelerators are applied to the skin ‘pre-massage’ and ‘pre-mask’.  They are used like ampoules, to correct or control skin conditions.  Utilizing the Accelerators in any treatment gives dramatic and immediate results.  All Accelerators, except #4 Vital Lipid Repair can be used with electrical equipment, such as galvanic, ultrasonic or micro-current.

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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 × 4 in