Sensitive Skin


Sensitive Skin is delicate and can be defined as an abnormal skin response to various environmental factors and genetics.  Our skin has a natural protection moisture barrier made up of water and lipids (oil).  These lipids play a crucial role in the skins water retention ability by acting as a barrier to trap water, prevent water loss, and keep irritants out.  With Sensitive Skin, the barrier is often impaired allowing vital moisture to escape and irritants to penetrate the skin, causing stinging, redness, and irritation.  The skin is compromised leaving it susceptible to react to both internal and external factors when the skin in not functioning properly, thus leaving the skin vulnerable to skin disorder and conditions.



A chronic skin condition that causes redness and blood vessel dilation producing small puss filled pustules also known as acne Rosacea.


A chronic disease that is dry, scaly, irritated skin.  Also known as Atopic Dermatitis that causes red swollen dry scaly skin and in more extreme cases the skin can weep, crust, and bleed.


An inflammatory skin disorder that causes flaky, white to yellowish scales on the face, scalp, and ears.  Particularly targeting areas of the skin that have higher levels of sebaceous gland activity.


A chronic skin disorder that causes skin cells to grow quickly, resulting in thick white silvery or red patches of the skin.  Instead of shedding off at a normal rate, the skin cells remain on the surface causing a buildup of cells on the skin’s surface.

Our fragrance free/dye free formulations restore barrier function, calm and soothe irritated skin, rehydrates and heals the condition, and protects against free radical breakdown.  The key factor is “Normalizing” Sensitive Skin.