Normal to Oily Products Info

Face - Normal to Oily

• Oil zone includes the nose to the outside edge of the iris of the eyes
• Oil surfaces around noon or 4 hours after cleansing
• Follicles are slightly enlarged

Common Problems
• Resistive blackheads and milia are common in the oil zone
• Prone to breakouts

• Normalize the skin’s secretions to prevent excess oiliness and dehydration
• Discourage formation of blackheads
• Minimize breakouts

  • Normalizing Gel

    Normalizing Gel

  • Oil Free Moisturizer

    Oil Free Moisturizer

  • Orange Purifying Scrub

    Orange Purifying Scrub

  • Purifying Gel Cleanser

    Purifying Gel Cleanser

  • Purifying Mineral Mask

    Purifying Mineral Mask

  • Raspberry Purifying Toner

    Raspberry Purifying Toner