Normal Skin Products Info

Face - Normal Combination

• Oil zone includes the nose to the inside of the iris of the eyes
• Oil surfaces around 2 pm or 6 hours after cleansing
• Follicles are normal

Common Problems
• Resistive blackheads and milia are common in the oil zone
• Skin is oilier in warm weather

• Discourage formation of resistive blackheads
• Balance oil production year round

  • Balancing Gel

    Balancing Gel

  • Clarifying Botanical Toner

    Clarifying Botanical Toner

  • Foaming Milk Cleanser

    Foaming Milk Cleanser

  • Moisture Balancing Cream

    Moisture Balancing Cream

  • Pineapple Refining Scrub

    Pineapple Refining Scrub

  • Pore Refining Mask

    Pore Refining Mask