Dry to Normal Skin Products Info

Face - Dry to Normal

• Oil zone includes the nose to the inside corner of the eyes
• Oil surfaces around 4 pm or 8 hours after cleansing
• Follicles are small

Common Problems
• Small resistive blackheads and milia are common in the oil zone
• Skin is surface dehydrated

Normalize the moisture level in the surface skin cells to:
• Dissolve small resistive blackheads
• Loosen milia for easier removal
• Combat surface dehydration
• Softens lines and wrinkles

  • Chamomile Cream Scrub

    Chamomile Cream Scrub

  • Cucumber Ice Mask

    Cucumber Ice Mask

  • Gentle Hydrating Gel

    Gentle Hydrating Gel

  • Gentle Moisturizing Toner

    Gentle Moisturizing Toner

  • Moisturizing Cleansing Lotion

    Moisturizing Cleansing Lotion