Dry/Dehydrated Skin Product Info

Face -Dry

• Oil zone is limited to the nose area
• If oil surfaces at all, it is in the evening
• Follicles are not visible

Common Problems
• Small blackheads in the nasal area
• Skin has tendency towards deep dehydration
• Wrinkles and lines are the predominant problem

Rehydrate the tissue to:
• Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines
• Combat deep dehydration
• Dissolve small blackheads

  • Gentle Herbal Scrub

    Gentle Herbal Scrub

  • Hydrating Herbal Toner

    Hydrating Herbal Toner

  • Maximum Hydrating Gel

    Maximum Hydrating Gel

  • Maximum Moisture Cream

    Maximum Moisture Cream

  • Moisture 
Infusion Mask

Infusion Mask

  • Ultra Rich Milk Cleanser

    Ultra Rich Milk Cleanser