Through years of research, ONLY YOURx has developed a skin identification process called DermaPrint™ to give each customer customized product recommendations based on their unique skin qualities.

We’ve now made DermaPrint™ available online.  Complete the questionnaire below and we will generate a list of products based on your specific needs.

What is your oil zone?

How long does it take for oil to surface in your oil zone?

What size are your follicles?

Which of the following is most important to you?

Do you have sensitive skin?

Answer ‘YES’ if any of the following apply to you.
-Your skin becomes red or stings when you cleanse or moisturize.
-You react to perfumed or colored products.
-Cold or extreme weather conditions cause your skin to become red, dry, or to crack.

You have finished the ONLY YOURx Dermaprint questionnaire! To see your results click below.

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Although our online DermaPrint™ is very accurate, a consultation with an ONLY YOURx certified professional is the most accurate way to get your unique DermaPrint™.  Find a clinical retailer near you.