AHA’s & Exfoliations


Exfoliation is the process by which dead cells are removed from the skin.  When we are younger, this process naturally occurs at a rate of about every 28 days.  As we age, this renewal slows down resulting in thick skin called keratin (accumulation of dead skin cells).  This will result in a rough, discolored and uneven texture, clogged pores, and a dull, lifeless looking complexion.  Peels and products that exfoliate are a great tool in the removal of this build up.  Exfoliation will help to rejuvenate, clear, smooth, reduce fine lines and even out the skin tone.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or AHA’s, are derived from fruit products including glycolic acid (from sugar cane), lactic acid (from sour milk), malic acid (from apples), citric acid (from citrus fruits) and tartaric acid (from grape wine).  While not all acids are useful in skin care, the dramatic results produced by the skillful use of glycolic acid has made this particular AHA an extremely valuable component of quality skin care.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process by weakening the bonds that hold dead skin cells together.  This process allows dead skin cells to exfoliate quickly and creates a denser, tighter skin cell composition.  This also stimulates a more rapid growth of new skin cells, which are softer and hydrated.  This process results in a visible reduction of fine lines,  the stimulation of collagen and elastin, and the evening out of skin tone.  Exfoliated skin also allows the cells to more effectively benefit from increased permeation of topical applied products.

ONLY YOURx has formulated products that have highly concentrated actives.  Our ingredients contain natural glycolic acid featuring a higher free acid percentage that has been pH adjusted, giving you maximum results.  Our products are designed to work together, allowing it to be incorporated into any skincare program and in accordance with a DermaSolutions™ program.

  • ExfoGel Line – Redefining Eye Cream
  • Multi Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum – Solar Care
  • Salicylic Line